What We Do

Children are internalizing implicit messages about race everyday. Research shows that children adopt society’s harmful racial biases even when their parents and teachers don’t share those biases.


Talking with children explicitly about race and racism is the only thing that has been proven to interrupt problematic comprehensive racial learning experiences.


Speak Up guides families, schools, and community institutions towards transformative anti-racist change. We provide a structure and system of support for having conversations at home and in the classroom about race and justice.

Courses and Consulting

Speak Up disrupts systemic racism by teaching families, teachers, and allies to have explicit conversations about race. We provide teacher professional development, parent education, and consulting focused on racial equity and anti-bias education.

  • Courses for Families: There are several Saturday or 7-week course options for Fall 2019.
    If you’d like to see something in your community, please contact us.

  • Courses for Schools and Community Organizations: We offer teacher and staff professional development with CPDUs.
    If you’d like more information about scheduling a course or training for your school or organization, please contact us.

  • ConsultingLet’s talk about what Speak Up can do to move your organization towards equity.
    Contact us to discuss your organization’s specific needs.

I thought I wasn’t a racist. I think about everything so differently now and see how the information I was given could really be applied to everything. This workshop made me a more critical thinker and was a valuable use of my time - without a doubt. I think this would be valuable to everyone—we all could use more opportunities to delve into our deeply held beliefs. I noticed the inherent privilege I’ve been given that I never saw before. Thank you!
— Danielle Chu, Families Together Cooperative Parent

Four Goals of Anti-Bias Education

Speak Up actively creates transformative anti-racist communities, families, and schools, where:

  1. children have self-awareness, confidence, family pride, and positive self-identities

  2. children express comfort and joy with human diversity; accurate language for human differences, and deep, caring human connections

  3. children recognize unfairness, have language to describe personal and systemic injustice, and understand how racism harms people

  4. children have the skills to act, alone and with others, against prejudice, discrimination and systemic oppression*

*Adapted from Louise Derman-Sparks’ Four Goals of Anti-Bias Education