OUR Team

All of our facilitators have extensive educational, professional, and personal experiences with anti-racism, education, and development. The power of Speak Up resides in these transformational leaders building spaces where compelling conversations can happen.

Our facilitators have more than professional and educational accolades. Anti-racism training is heart work, and we recognize that the crux of this is creating spaces for deep listening and personal truth-telling where our world-views are authentically challenged. It is in these spaces that transformation happens and we can collectively reimagine what it means to be parents, teachers, and leaders through an anti-racist lens.


Megan Brand, Co-Founder / Facilitator

Megan Brand, MS Ed, NBCT is an educator, organizer, parent, and community builder. Megan has spent the past 20 years working alongside children and families from all walks of life to raise the bar for racial justice, both through schools and community organizations. She is a 2019 Chicago United For Equity Fellow. As an early childhood teacher in Chicago Public Schools, Megan created anti-bias and culturally responsive curriculum. She has always enjoyed partnering with parents, and led monthly parent workshops during her tenure as a teacher. Megan loves Chicago because of all of the local activists and organizers who are engaging in truly transformative work. In her spare time, you can find Megan chasing her two exuberant little ones, biking, hiking, adventuring, relaxing at the beach, savoring diverse children’s literature, creating stuff, or sleeping.


Christina Woods, Co-Founder / Facilitator

Christina Woods, M. Ed. is a former K-12 Diverse Learner Teacher, currently working as a professor of education at Loyola University Chicago, teacher educator, and SPEAK UP co-founder and facilitator. She is the chair of the Diversity, Anti-Oppression and Belonging Committee at her local preschool, and has been focusing on anti-bias education as an opportunity to reimagine school experiences and possibilities for her own two children; Evie and Cai. In her free time, Christina enjoys planning to cook as much as the cooking itself, cookbook club, and travel.


Michele Hong Herro, Facilitator / Curriculum Advisor

Michele Hong Herro, M.Ed., is a former Chicago Public Schools teacher, currently working as a teacher educator and coach, and SPEAK UP facilitator. Along with multicultural and anti-bias education, Michele's interests and past work experience include international education and youth program development, primarily with Asian and African immigrant and refugee youth in Chicago. She is part of a biracial family with one elementary-aged son and one preschool-aged daughter. Outside of work, Michele enjoys reading, spending time outdoors with her family, and perusing (and too often buying) children's books at the local library branch and bookstores.


Brit Holmberg, Facilitator

Brit Holmberg is a licensed clinical social worker whose interests include mindfulness, anti-racist practice, spirituality, and cooking. In addition to working as a therapist at Loyola University's Wellness Center, Brit offers variety of workshops, consultation, and trainings on anti-racism and mindfulness across Chicago and Illinois. He is an experienced Speak Up facilitator and proud father of 2 young children, Desi and Kiah. When not at work, you may run into him on the bike path, a community protest, one of Edgewater's great restaurants, or at a local playground with his kiddos.


Marion Malcome, Facilitator

Marion, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Illinois, has dedicated her professional and personal life to effecting change on an individual and community level. Marion received her BS in Psychology with a minor in Afro-American Studies and a Master of Social Work with a concentration in community mental health, both from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). During her time at the UIUC she received extensive training on African-American Psychology and methods of intervention with African-American families. It was at this juncture that Marion embarked on a number of rewarding endeavors to support urban populations and underserved communities. Marion is currently the Team Leader for an Intensive Case Management Team at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She also has a private counseling practice with Urban Balance LLC where she provides counseling support to adults. Marion is committed to raising awareness about mental health amongst people of color and preparing professionals to effectively support this same population and appreciate their unique history and needs.


Joe Saucedo, Facilitator

During his time at Loyola University Chicago, Joe Saucedo has developed expertise in cultural competency training and development for students, staff, and faculty. Joe is responsible for providing oversight and leadership of a department tasked with multicultural education, mentorship, and affirmation of students from historically underserved communities including first-generation, students of color, LGBTQIA, and undocumented students. Outside of work, Joe enjoys spending time with his partner Cat, their two sons and two dogs. He recently contributed to a blog dedicated to sharing stories of fatherhood.