We support schools in integrating an anti-bias approach and achieving racial equity. We empower schools to effectively engage key stakeholders, create an anti-racist school climate, and institutionalize racially equitable policies and practices. One of the ways that we do this is through the use of Racial Equity Impact Assessments. We also offer training on implicit bias, preventing & addressing microaggressions, the four goals of anti-bias education, and other topics relating to race and education.

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As an Asian American woman, I thought I had a decent grasp on race dynamics in the US. Speak Up opened my eyes to systemic racism in our country as well as my own implicit biases and privilege. It has been an incredibly humbling and empowering experience to team and learn with and from other individuals who want to: 1. Learn to ally with and advocate for people of color, and 2. Learn how to talk to our children about that. Speak Up has been a catalyst for a change in how I view myself and others. I foresee this as an incredibly worthwhile investment as my time in my own growth as an individual, for my family, for my workplace, and for my community. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity—it has been so much more than I hoped or imagined. I highly recommend this group, without reservations, to anyone who is even mildly intrigued. It will be worth your time and energy.
— Dr. Anna Chon, Pediatrician & Community Member