Children are internalizing implicit messages about race everyday.

Research shows that children adopt society’s harmful racial biases even when their parents and teachers don’t share those biases.

Talking with children explicitly about race and racism is the only thing that has been proven to interrupt problematic comprehensive racial learning experiences.


150+ Parents, Educators, and Social Workers

have received anti-bias training with Speak Up in our first year.


Megan and Christina on WGN’s Outside the Loop

Want to know more about the work that we do? Check us out live on Outside the Loop (station 720 AM) on June 15. We'll be sharing research, information about Speak Up, and talking to parent participant Mary Bowman Arents about her experience in the workshop!

I thought putting my children in diverse environments was enough, but I learned how much more intentional I need to be in speaking with them about race. Speak Up opened my eyes to systemic racism in new ways and gave me solid tools to empower me to comfortably have conversations with my children and to teach them that talking about racism and taking action against it is important.
— Paulina Caprio, Ravenswood Parent